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Nike glasses

Last weekend was crazy. Right from work I drove over to the nephew’s to babysit. Yes, B. and I with three boys (aged 2,3 and 9) phew… I didn’t really know what to expect. I guess it was better than I expected. The oldest is a button pusher, constantly trying to annoy his younger brother. Yes, boys will be boys but after awhile it gets old. The key was to separate them on different floors of the house. The younger boys still want to be around ‘grown-ups’ and followed one of us everywhere. I was a little surprised how little drama ‘us’ being there without their parents was. We aren’t there that often… *shrug* It was an enlightening experience for sure and yes, I was glad to see Mom and Dad when they got home.

My web project continues to stumble along. I think there may finally be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been working on it nearly every night and I’ve been pretty unbearably frustrated at times. Thanks to B. for her understanding and picking up a lot of slack the past few weeks. Really can’t wait for it to be over…I will not work with 3rd party software with fully reviewing it again. I will not work with 3rd party software with fully reviewing it again. I will not work with 3rd party software with fully reviewing it again… arrghhhh,,,….

We have both had eye exams and are getting new glasses. My sight has gotten worse. Bah. My new frames are similar to the ones I have… it came down to a Nike frame and a Hugo Boss frame… They are both black. The Nike was thinner and sporty looking, the Boss was thicker with more interesting curves. The staff at the optometrist voted and the Nike pair won (as I was undecided and liked both…plus a woman’s (or women’s) opinion(s) here were valuable)… I think the next frame will be the thicker geek look though… they were pretty stylin’. Of course my glasses cost a small fortune as well. Gawd… the lens are so thick they can’t put ‘transitions’ on them. *frown*

I feel a little like today could be Christmas… My HTC Desire could arrive today. I’m pretty excited about this new toy. I may shoot a video of me opening it coz I’m geeky like that.

Sabres season starts Friday! 😀 Let’s go Buffalo! The preseason looked good… I’m hoping Stafford remains like pre-season Stafford and not last year’s Stafford. Roy, Gerbe and the new additions are looking good. I’m hoping for a playoff team, then who knows.