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Leafs advance…. GAH…

April 20, 2004 @ 10:04 pm 🔗 Post Link

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What a weak and disappointing effort by the Sens and Lalime. Really neither of these teams deserve to advance. (Unlike the Vancouver/Calgary series where both teams did…) Team Belfour played well and should be commended, the rest – whatever. Hopefully this will teach Alfredsson to predict the future. If they get by the Flyers then I’ll think they are for real.

unsung nears its 4th anniversary

Huh… I noticed that sixthseal.com celebrated its 2nd anniversary… which got me thinking… how long has unsung been around? So… I looked it up. Unsung was created on : 23 Apr 2000 23:36:44… Unsung is nearing its 4th anniversary! Happy birthday to unsung! 🙂

Hockey Heaven

WOW! A great two-days for hockey! Three game “7”s. All with the teams I’m most interested in! GO SENS! GO FLAMES! GO HABS!* I added a special banner… just for game 7 tomorrow!

* I have a bunch of Habs in the hockey pool. Normally I would be pretty indifferent to the Habs… did you notice the Bruins’ fans this evening respecting the Canadian national anthem again? I did. I hope the Habs fans did as well.

Great game!

Whoa! What a great hockey game…. Flames v. Vancouver… 4-4 2nd overtime with 9:31 to play! This is what hockey is about… IMHO. I’d like to see both these Canadian teams advance, but since that ain’t happenin’ – go Flames! Who will win?

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