Accidents will happen…

February 27, 2008 @ 09:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Ahh, yes… Another snowfall….

Ahh, yes… Another snowfall….

Strange. Driving home last night I saw three cars in ditches and numerous accidents. (In fact, I was driving a co-worker home and his wife called saying she was in a car accident. She is thankfully fine.) But wow Toronto… slow the frack down! I think the conditions were deceiving. A light snow only but… it was warmer in the afternoon so I think a lot of snow melted creating the panic inducing ‘black ice’. It was pretty bad. My tires spun a few times randomly but held pretty good. Anyone in summer tires was clearly in trouble… Weather here is insane. From those conditions last night to today… bright, clear and dry (but ear freezing cold…). Global warming? Hell ya, I believe.

Sigh. The Sabres said goodbye to Soupy (Brain Campbell) yesterday, trading him to the Sharks. Financially I don’t think the Sabres could have affording to keep him, especially since Miller will be up soon for a big contract… but I was holding out some hope they could find a middle ground and get him signed. He is awesome at moving the puck and I wonder how this loss in mobility will impact the team and the powerplay. We’ll see.

B. is off to California today for about a week. Ironically leaving on a day where the temperature is dipping to below -20 with the wind chill. Brr. Have fun hon.