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Sigh. Well all the waiting, uncertainty and guessing about my employment future with the Studio will be decided tomorrow at 2PM. The creditor is presenting us with a proposal tomorrow at 2PM. We have no details. I guess we wait until then and see. I have a bad feeling about it. The lawyer said we will like it, but I doubt it. Since when do lawyers look out for *our* best interest? He is the creditorโ€™s lawyer. Only good thing is the speculation ends tomorrow.


It is about one hour from the proposal announcement. I spoke with our CFO and he wonโ€™t give details but says we will like the offer. Hmm.


What happened? Well. More limbo purgatory it seems. The creditor doesnโ€™t want to run the business but he has found an interested party that does. The party consists of two guys that have some background in game development. They have agreed to come in and run the Studio for 30 days. During that time weโ€™ll be paid. At the end of that time they will either finance the biz moving forward or we close. The lawyer said he felt the business was viable and there was a good chance it would work out. With the state of the economy however I donโ€™t think there is really any certainty. Soโ€ฆ it seems while this is better than most possible outcomesโ€ฆ it really isnโ€™t a final solution and we are still left wondering what is ultimately going to happen. At least there will be Christmas now. *smirk*

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