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July 6, 2015 @ 11:07 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


At the in-laws cottageโ€ฆ


So why am I posting a photo of a disposable skin staple remover? Let me tell you. I was running downstairs down the carpeted stairway with slippers on and of course slipped. My head tried to move the bulkhead and failed.

It was quite a wallop. It is never good to touch your head and see a handful of blood. That said, it bleed a lot less that many head injuries. Sure it hurt but thankfully I had no other symptoms as a result of the head bang. \m/~ After a short debate with bdot we decided to go to emergency in Orangeville.

Oh did I mention it was a dark night with a lightning storm after bdot already had a stressful day? Anyway, emergency wasnโ€™t too busy. It took just over an hour once I sat down in the waiting room.

The result was a tetanus shot and seven staples in my skull. It is pretty gruesome. My early Halloween idea is now Frankenstein. The wife was kept her cool and got me to the hospital. After seeing the cut โ€“ it was a lot worse than it felt.

And as if something is testing meโ€ฆ. one of my filling just out. Unreal. 2015 you fracking suck.