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More dogs?

More dogs?

The process for dog number two is well on the way. We had a lovely Zoom call with the breeder. She is wonderful, we think of her as the platinum standard for breeders. Her process for raising the pups is rigorous and thoughtful. The dogs will be subjected to all sorts of stimuli, which I think is very valuable in their early development to prevent fears later in life. Bdot submitted an extensive questionnaire, so it was more like a discussing of like minds instead of a series of questions. Bdot and the breeder also know a lot of people in the 'dog community' so... Lots to chat about. The breeder is providing extensive access to the puppies. This includes a daily journal, webcam and a facebook group with the other prospective puppy owners. Pretty awesome! If everything goes well... we should be making a trip to Quebec to pick up dog two in early June!

I watched most of the Jamaica/US Nations Cup game. What a weird one. Jamaica scored in the first :30. Then held off the US until the FINAL :30 where the US scored on a corner and forced extra time. Jamaica didn't get their groove back and ended up losing 3-1.... What a swing.... 30 seconds from winning then lose by 2. Ish!

I believe the Sabres will set a major sports record for most consecutive missed playoffs with 13 at the end of this season. They aren't helping themselves on this Western road trip so... the remote chance of a glorious run is over. I'm running out of superlatives to describe the frustration and ineptitude of this franchise! SELL THE TEAM TERRY!

Hmm. Kinda disappointed to hear Larian is moving away from the BG3 series and worse RPGs... Sigh.