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Another bloody mess

April 4, 2006 @ 06:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Sweet, hit him again!

Sweet, hit him again!

Saturday night I went out with a bunch of my co-workers and their significant others. Ironically we met at the bar I proposed to my ex at. It has been renamed from Mosquito Moeโ€™s to Filthy McNastyโ€™s. The food was pretty good. We went down Yonge a bit and found a lounge and had some drinks, played some pool and pretty much called it a night. But wait thereโ€™s more. After getting home we found the dog had (in spite of having an E-collar on) got at her stitches, the area was pretty raw and swollen. When she began to walk around it started bleeding pretty badly. Bleck. So, off to emergency. Apparently there was a pocket of fluid under her skin that ruptured and released fluid (with some blood) so it looked worse than it was. We are pretty sure the stitches will leave a nasty scar now as there are gaps and many areas have been unable to heal properly. What a brutal thing to come home to. Some heart to heart talks are underway between B. and I, hopefully we can find a future together.

Sunday we did a lot of shopping, even though we were both exhausted. We hit Home Depot, Reitmanโ€™s, Winners, Canadian Tire (where we picked the worse line to check-out inโ€ฆ gawd) and groceries from A&P. When we got home I did a man thing! I fixed the BBQ and we had B.โ€™s special homemade burgers. Yum!

B. took the dog to the Vet in Guelph today. Tanga got another stitch added to the existing wound. What a mess. I hope this wound gets better soon. It is damn near impossible to keep a Vizsla puppy still. *Cough*

Nice to the Sabres bounce back against the Leafs tonight after their humiliating loss Saturday. (Thanks guys it was great to bring the effort the night Iโ€™m out with Leaf fansโ€ฆ.) Sabresโ€™ officially in the playoffs for the first time in five years. Yaaa!! Darcy Tucker is a scam bag cheap shot artist, I hope the NHL bans his dirty punk ass.

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