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Good to be Godless

April 28, 2004 @ 05:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Godless, NHL Playoffs, Ball Hockey, Mochi

Some great scenery too...

Some great scenery too...

I didn't know what to expect from the Western Godless. But wow...I was pleasantly surprised. It was captivating for most its 7 episode run. There were some great characters and plots as well. The ladies from La Belle were awesome. There was a lot of dialogue on the value of guns throughout the series. The characters were also nuanced. Even the bad guy had moments of compassion. It was quite a trip. It all builds to a satisfying conclusion too. โญโญโญโญ

It was an odd week for ball hockey. We were missing 3 of 4 of our starting goalies. Our team had one of the missing goalies. We were also missing two of our best players and only one sub. The other team was likewise burdened. It was a bit of a slog. I need a bit more time between shifts or shorter shifts to compete at the level I want to. (At my advanced age... sigh) It was basically a one goal game with a minute left and the opposition got a long shot goal to go ahead very late. We tried to rally, but there wasn't enough time. Yup, a rare loss. *shrug* I played okay... a few points but it was often too much for me later in the game as the playing minutes were too much for me. I don't feel too bad now but...I was pretty bonked at the time.

Huh, the Loafs played quite a dud last night. At home behind a game you would expect a great effort but it sure wasn't there. It looks like some players may be dealing will illness and injury but it was pretty ugly. The loafs were booed off the ice at the 2nd intermission. Not to mention the bickering on the bench. There is a ton of vitriol tossed at Marner post-game from Loafnation.

Looks like the Jets are going down 3-1 to the Avs too. So it is looking like another disappointing post season for Canadian teams. Holy crap what a come back for the Canucks... I missed it dealing with Moch. Oilers put on a defensive clinic and win 1-0. both teams now up 3-1 in their series.

Might be hope for the boy to become lap cat. He is occasional a beside you cat. He hung out me most of last night as we finished Godless.

Hmm. He seems to be having trouble passing again. Sigh. Ugh, Bdot has taken him to emerg. Poor boy. Well, he is back from emerg. A vet tech there was able to have him clear his bladder so... no charge as he didn't even see a vet. It would have been hours to see a Vet as they were dealing with a stabbed dog. Somehow backyard BBQ related not intentional as far as we know... So Moch is home and sleeping...I sure hope this resolves itself soon...

Berna the beautiful! What a gutsy game! A rare come from behind win.


Unfortunately the trip to the vet was not good news. The vet wasn't able to get him to 'express his bladder'... So he has to get a catheter in... he is in low risk still but, the sticker shock for the procedure is numbing. Sigh. Hopefully our boy will be okay.

Hmm so he didn't need the catheter...he's just irritated and sore. His bloodwork is normal. *cats!*

Hear one of my friend's Dad's has past away at 82. Sad.

Drugged boy is home

Drugged boy is home


Moch is home. He ended up not getting a catheter. He is fairly sedated, hungry and thirsty. Also had a bunch of shaved areas. Otherwise he seems fine. He is very happy to be home.

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