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Erosion of Democracy continues...

April 20, 2004 @ 06:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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2024 Playoff Bracket

2024 Playoff Bracket

Playoffs start tonight. Go Bruins. Who I picked isn't necessarily who I'm cheering for...Rooting for all Canadian teams EXCEPT Toronto. Would love the Laughs to get swept.

The so-called beacon of democracy, the U.S., certainly seems to be doing their best at relinquishing that title lately. First all the attacks on women's rights then today I saw laws in three Southern (go figure, how long? how long?) states again the right to mass assembly. Seriously! Big oil has restricted what the EPA I can't even imagine any more what else will be restricted if Frump gets in. It is mind boggling. Another article. Pretty scary. At least Frump is getting his ass handed to him in NY. Lock him up!

Thanks Muta.

All the teams in ball hockey continue to improve. There are no gimme games anymore. Last night was tough and exhausting against Red. I was mostly defending, so... 1G 2A... It wasn't until the final period where we got some seperation. Legs feeling a bit better this week. I'm thinking a dog slamming into my legs a few weeks back are why my knees/ankles have been sub-optimal for a while...

Leafs no show in Game One

Leafs no show in Game One


Started Fallout, the TV series. Just watched the opening scene. Holy crap it looks good. Yes, I've played the game.

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