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The Front Garden 2013

Aww, our poor yard. The front is tolerable. The backyard however is a disaster. We are finally starting to see the rewards of planting bulbs year after year. The โ€˜frontโ€™ garden actually looks pretty good. It needs to fill in a bit but it is full of colour. It looks like bdot did a good job with her numerous plantings! We are hoping there will be some coin left over after the kitchen/inside reno to at least make the backyard tolerable. Every time we talk about it we end up with less and less lawn. Weโ€™ll seeโ€ฆ it appears we have pretty lofty ambitions for both inside and outside.

Bdot was away at a girlโ€™s weekend the past few days. I have few details to report other than she had a good time and it was somewhat lower key than it has been in the past. So that left me to fend for myself this weekend. I watched a bunch of hockey, gamed and killed myself at nivekโ€™s pulling out a tree. Nivek told me about a Japanese Maple he wanted to get rid of some time ago. I said if I could fit it in my car Iโ€™d take it. It became painfully clear that us geeks are spatially challenged. After 4.5 agonizing hours of digging out this โ€˜small treeโ€™ it was clear it was waaaay too big to fit in the car. It wasnโ€™t going anywhere without a truck. Ho-hum. The point was to try and save this beautiful tree. So Nivek put the tree on kijiji โ€˜as-isโ€™ โ€“ come and get it. I was happy to hear someone picked it up within two hours! Never underestimate the extent of roots a โ€˜small treeโ€™ can have. Oh, did I mention a lot of the tree roots were in clay? Joy.

Vibe tree

Vibe tree

The reno is moving forward. We may have resolved the epic fridge dilemma. The more we read about Samsung fridges the less desirable they became. Consumer Reports rated the fridge we originally picked out at under 50 soโ€ฆ for me that was the final straw. We needed to find a new option. In a brilliant stroke of research, bdot has found two LG fridges, both rating in the 70sโ€ฆ and they are *gasp* cheaper!, so we may have found a winner. That was the big appliance battle. Now about that tileโ€ฆ *cringe*

The NHL playoffs have been quite entertaining so far. With my beloved Sabres out (is that an echo?) Iโ€™m left watching the Leafs, Sens and Caps series. The Habs/Sens series has been by far the most interesting to watch. If there wasnโ€™t a big rivalry between Ottawa and Montreal before this series, I can guarantee there will be now. Iโ€™m surprised the Leafs were able to win a game in Boston. I did say Boston in 5. Tonight we could find out if Iโ€™m rightโ€ฆ