Caledon and Area Biking & Hiking

In March of 2012 I decided to start logging my hikes for reference. The directions are based on coming from Bolton, Ontario. Originally, I had all the hikes on a single page, but it has certainly become a long unruly mess…. so I’ve given each hike their own page. Enjoy!
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Note: Times and distances are approximate and we typically very fast walkers. 😉
Ratings: I consider Easy to be flat/road walk/ most of the TransCanada Trail would be easy. Intermediate has some hills. Challenging has a lot of hills or a few monstrous hills. 

Town of Caledon has posted an area hiking map. Pretty cool stuff. Find it here. (Worked as of April/2018)

Completed hikes, thoughts & information:

The future hiking TODO list: (& other hiking ideas/resources)

BIKING ideas

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