• thezartorialist Great photographer out of NYC.
  • PhotoFriday Weekly Photo challenge and a great place to browse interesting photography.
  • National Geographic The top of the photographic food chain IMHO. The best. (Use for computer desktop backgrounds!)

Cartoons & Animation

  • ninjai Animated travels of the little ninja.
  • Order of the stick Fantasy Cartoon.
  • thepocalypse Former co-worker. Amazing pixel artist. His animated series.
  • aardehn Another former co-worker. Amazing artist. His animated series.

Web coding

Music & Steaming Audio

Information & Online Resources

Entertainment & Media

Art & Graphics

Computers & Tech

Outdoors & Recreation

  • Ontario park Camping in Ontario. Book now! Always books up quickly for the spring and summer.
  • Ontario Trails Find a place to hike in Ontario


  • B.C. Beginnings Friend’s blog. A writer, gamer and all-round great guy.
  • Tammy on WordPress Friend’s blog. Curiously also a writer, not a gamer and big fan of cycling and music.


  • Empty for now. 😀


This is a personal reference list of sites I enjoy and find useful.
Commercial requests to be added will be ignored and requester’s domain labeled as spam.


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