Bruce Trail - Peter Beecham Side Trail plus

Difficulty: Medium
Duration: About 2.5hr
Approximate google map location: Link

Location: North of Mono Mills. Follow Airport Road North, turn left on sideroad 5, turn right on 5th line. Drive *about* 5m and the road reaches a long hill downward. There is a little area to part at the top of the hill or you can drive to the bottom. The trailhead is at the bottom of the hill. Follow the trail on the left side of the road.

About the hike: It was quite hilly with some long painful uphill climbs. It was well treed throughout. Since it was March it was very muddy and sections were quite slippery. One of the highlights of the hike was a stream that runs along a good section of the Peter Beecham Side Trail. The Peter Beecham Side trail meets the Bruce Trail about 20-30 after you cross the bridge. The Peter Beecham side trail eventually meets up the stream again for a picturesque section of rapids, rocks and mosses. The Sidetrail meets back at 5th line. Follow it left to meet back up with the Bruce Trail, about 10m walk.

Happy Hiking!

More photos from the Hike:

Access Point on 5th Line

The Stream

Ugh, so many stairs

Curious Solo Birch tree