Isabel East Side Trail

Difficulty : Medium to Hard (due to many hills)
Duration : 2 1/2 hrs
Location : Google Maps Link

I parked on Dunby Road there is a clear parking area for the trail here.

We are still trying to get the Canada 150 - Caledon Hills BTC, Historical Hike badge. Basically, you submit a series of photos from hikes throughout the area. We ventured to Hockley once before to get the photos, but ran in a major water blocked section and had to turn around. The remaining photo was of William Thomas Allen's bench. Unfortunately, the hike requirements don't give you any idea where the photo items are located... So I guessed (incorrectly it seems) that the bench was on the Isabel East Side Trail, it wasn't. *Eyeroll* There is a little section of the hike we haven't done, so we'll be returning, yet again, to Hockley Valley. Which is fine, since it is a beautiful section of the Bruce Trail. This loop is very hilly and runs through many pretty sections of Hockley Valley. The trail starts alongside a farm opening to a meadow before you enter Hockley Valley. There are two benches here to relax and absorb the wonderful view of the Valley. The Isabel East section runs across many little bridges and streams. While it is a challenging hike, it was an interesting section, so well worth the burn. Enjoy.

Isabella Map
Isabel East Side Trail (Hockley Valley) Loop