Bruce Trail - Innis Lake Road

Difficulty: Medium/Challenging
Duration: 1 & 3/4 hrs for the loop
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Follow Innis Lake Road North until you can't any longer and you'll find a challenging section of the Bruce Trail.

Innis Lake Road
Innis Lake Road

Some long climbs

There is space along the edge for maybe three cars. There are some substantial climbs in this mostly treed section of the trail. I walked North for about an hour before I turned around. (Well, part of the reason was seeing off in the distance some mostly naked man wearing what looked like a thong. He saw me, turned around and headed in opposite direction. So I did. Seriously WTF.) The trail is quite nice, a lot of it two people could walk side by side.

During the walk I passed two steams:

And the end of the Palgrave side trail.

Also spotted a deer and an Inukshuk.

Dog owners should keep an eye on the dogs, mine found some lovely filth to roll in. Bleck. I was pretty bagged by the end of the walk... the hills seemed to be up both ways... especially for the first hour.

P.S. (Photos are pretty crappy.... taken with a first gen Smartphone :/)