Hockley Valley Loop with the Glen Cross/Isabel East and Cam Snell Side Trails

Difficulty: Medium/Hard (some pretty steep hills to climb)
Duration: About 2.5hr
Distance: This combo was about 6km/10k steps.
Location: Google Maps Link

There are several parking spots available here. At the end of the Glen Cross Side Trail on 3rd Line just past 10th sideroad.

Tips: I highly recommend bringing a map as there are many trails/sidetrails that intersect and you could get spun around pretty easily here. You could hike for virtually any length of time here by adding more loops or sidetrails.

We made a loop hike by starting on the Isabel East Side trail. Isabel East (blue blazes) was followed until it ran into the Bruce Trail. Then we followed the Bruce Trail (white blazes) to the right. It eventually hits the Cam Snell loop (which just returns back to Bruce Trail) which we also did. (To shorten your hike, just skip Cam Snell and look for Glen Cross). Once you finish the Cam Snell trail and have returned to the Bruce trail, follow it to the right, back toward where you came from. You'll pass the Cam Snell trail again, keep going and you'll hit the Glen Cross trail on your left. Follow Glen Cross back to 3rd Line.

About the hike: The Caledon Bruce Trail club has a map available for the Glen Cross Hike here. It was a great hike. Very hilly, with sections running beside a stream. As the Caledon Bruce Trail club has pointed out, you can make this into a loop by following the main Bruce Trail. We continued to do the Cam Snell Side Trail loop as well. The Hockley Valley sections of the Bruce Trail have certainly become some of our favourites.

Isabel East Sidetrail marker
Bruce Trial Sidetrails in the Hockley Valley area: (following blue blazes)
Isabel East: Very hilly trail. A few stairs. Crosses a stream. Is mostly forested but there are some sunny/open patches. Some nice benches for lunch or taking a break.

Cam Snell Sidetrail marker
Cam Snell: Flatter than Isabella. More open areas than Isabella. Has a big pond. A beautiful section runs along a stream. More benches are available.

Glen Cross Sidetrail marker
Glen Cross: Forested, some long gradual climbs, crosses a few streams

Along the creek
Along the creek