Hilton Falls

Halton Falls
Halton Falls

Hilton Falls Bruce Trail Side Trial (inside Conservation Halton The Parks hiking page is here and may also have a map.)
Difficulty : Intermediate (The ground is full of slippery rocks and tree roots)
Duration : 2-3 hours
Location : We parked on Sixth Line Nassagaweya there is a clear parking area for the trail here. (There is another just down the road if it is full... there is room for about 5-6 cars here.)

Parking Area
Parking Area - The parking area on Sixth Line Nassagaweya.

Hilton Falls Trail Map Sign
Hilton Falls Trail Map Sign - There is a trail map just down the trail from the parking lot. Unfortunately, they stuck it, what seems like, 10m in the air. *eyeroll*

Follow the Blue Blazes
Follow the Blue Blazes - A very short way down the trail from the parking lot, look for the blue Bruce Trail Side Trail markers on your left side. This section is quite rocky and beautiful.

Hilton Falls Map
Hilton Falls Map. Following the blue blazes will eventually lead you to a gravel stone path (more like a road)... this is the Beaver Dam Trail. The paths inside the park are more *all access*. Not true trails IMHO... Eventually you'll arrive at the Falls.

Hilton Falls
There are a few picnic tables at the Falls and washrooms scattered around down some of the trails. We also did part of the Red Oak Trail that ran beside the Hilton Falls Reservoir. This was a great section with incredible fissures in the ground. Do watch your step! You *could* get into serious trouble along this route, leash your dog!

Massive fissure
Massive fissure

The wider *in park* section
The wider *in park* section - Following the map, hit markers E > F > G back out to the Beaver Dam Trail which will return you to the blue blazes and the parking lot.