April entries and end of Humber

Cool wallhaven image I’m using for my banner. Source: https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/5168

Well, it has become pretty clear after 5 days of waiting for a 5m query, that ditching the clowns that hosted my website was the right decision. They still haven’t even bothered to update the ticket –after nearly week-. So it is doubtful that I will recover my April blog entries. That is very disappointing. Losing any entries is like losing a small part of my past. I use the blog for reflection and as a resource. Once I post, I feel whatever the subject has been put to rest.

There are so many WordPress themes. Good lord. Over 4000….! You could spend hours testing and reviewing them… I’ve decided to use “NEBlue” Theme. I doubt I’ll ever find the theme I had before. It isn’t exactly what I want so I’ll try to tweak it a bit. I managed to find a way to randomly pull a black and white image from unsplash and set it as my background. I like the look. So, this is a starting point, post-recovery from the migration disaster.

If the rain holds off, biking in Palgrave tonight. The second Caledon Cycling Club ride, first in Palgrave. I think I prefer Palgrave to Albion Hills. Fewer roots, nicer ground.

I guess I’m going to have to summarize all of missing April entries. Hmm. It seems like so long ago now. I enjoyed watching Leafs Nation fall apart as they lost again to Boston. School was busy until the end. I did exceptionally well, I know now that I got earned my certificate with honours. It was a bittersweet ending to class. I recall the last day a few of us talked for hours. We had to be kicked out by security. I’ll certainly miss a few of my WDDM classmates. It rained a lot. I know we had a few nice hikes. We attended our first Caledon Cycling Club events. It seems like a great bunch of people. I’ll update this as I recall stuff. It may just be that many thoughts have been lost forever.

First CCC ride in Palgrave
First CCC ride in Palgrave

Fun ride tonight. First ride in Palgrave with the Caledon Cycling Club. Legs are heavvvvvy.

Miraculously got an e-mail from my ex-host; I may still get my SQL data.

Sure looks like the U.S. under 45 continues its regression to the Stone Age. Two states (Alabama and Georgia *shocking!* Florida you next??!) have enacted abortion bans. Go ACLU! This is appalling.

APRIL 2019 Entries:
Okay so I finally did get my SQL data back. There may be a way to re-entry the entries properly into WordPress, but I’m just going to dump the content here under this title.

Warming weekend – April 10/2019

Humber Grad Show. Good in theory, poor in practice.Coding. Coding. Coding. That is basically been my past week… I\’ve made two nice apps! One similar to the Chrome Extension Momentum The second (which is still in progress) is the massive final coding project. First off, it is coded in Model-View-Controller (which was new to me), it is Database driven (with PDO), responsive (with Bulma) and has all sorts of functionality, forms and reports. It was quite an endeavour. But I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last week was the Humber Grad Show. It was touted by Humber as something great. It was not. While I thought it was cool to see the incredible work from the graphics students – the point was to see employers, and there simply wasn’t any. It did, however, get me in gear to work on my portfolio site, which I will use as a final project for school.

Last weekend we hosted dinner for my Mom, Sister and BiL. The ladies came early and attended a painting session. They all created impressive works. Dinner was burgers, the first BBQ of Spring. It was a fun day with the dogs destroying toys and relaxing in the Great room.

Not surprisingly, the Sabres canned coach Housley. I thought it was inevitable after such a failed season. I imagine Botts is on the clock now as well… The draft was disappointing. The Sabres dropped in order from 5th to 7th… the ramifications of which won\’t be known until the actual draft. I expect Botts to can half the roster over the summer. He sure better. Meh.

The NHL playoffs start tonight. I hope the Bruins crush the Leafs.

We finished Bodyguard last week. It was good but not great. A few interesting twists, but also some painfully predictable ones as well.

Winding down – April 22/2019

Train tracks through Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Train tracks through Forks of the Credit Provincial ParkAs T.S. Eliot said:

April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

The rain has been pretty unrelenting. It is hard to complain however…  some Canadians have it much worse, as the news is reporting flooding all over Eastern Canada. And, water damage is the worst…

So – with rain stopping yesterday, we headed out for a hike. The first stop, however, was at Caledon Cycling. We picked up a Parks pass and some highly discounted biking jerseys. Since we were already in the area, and thought we had free parking with the new pass, we went to the main entrance of Forks of the Credit. Our pass covers the entrance to many parks in the area, but not Forks of the Credit. It is actually a Provincial Park… In all the years we have been going to it, I guess that little fact eluded us. *shrug*

The Park was rammed with people taking advantage of the holiday weekend and the relatively good weather. We were surprised to find the ground quite dry. The benefit of having a lot of sand in the area we figured. It turned out to be a perfect day to hike. Fairly warm and no rain. The viewing area near ‘The Falls’ is all fenced off. I’m not sure why… It ruins the ‘loop’ hike we are used to doing.

We met a couple hiking the trail for the first time and they were quite disappointed with the barrier. People were still walking on the viewing area, and the stairs are still intact, so again, I don’t know what the issue is. We thought maybe erosion? Anyway, we helped the couple with a big dog and baby navigate their way to the stairs so they could continue their walk.

Pond along the trail

Is was good to get some air. It certainly feels like it has been a long time since we hiked.

My final week of school is coming up. I have a few presentations of my ‘portfolio’ site and two assignments to complete – then I’m done. While I believe the course could be structured significantly better (and I told them this) – I learned a ton. My portfolio site is full of content and I believe demonstrates how much I have learned over the past year. Soon, I’ll be onto the next chapter, hopefully finding a place to put these skills to use.

The NHL Playoffs have been a gong show for my bracket. It is certainly the year of the underdog… Bruins have forced another game seven against the Leafs tomorrow in Bahhssstin. Go Bruins!

I was pretty pissed off when I heard TFC traded Seba away. He was a real goal scorer (albeit a bit of whiner – go figure)… But wow, they had a plan, Pozuelo has impressed immensely as a setup man, goalscorer and game breaker. TFC! *clapclapclap*

We watched a good bad movie last night. The Hitman’s Bodyguard won’t win any awards, but the banter between the leads and the over the top action, was still pretty entertaining for a light, Sunday night movie. I’m sure Jackson and Reynolds had a ton of fun filming it and it showed.

Well, back to the coding grind.

Final Week – April 29/2019

Humber North’s new building. I thought it was super cool looking.Well, Humber WDDM is done. I did my portfolio presentations last week. The feedback I got was very positive. So far, no final grades have been posted. I did meet some great people in the course. We stayed after the presentations and talked until security kicked us out of the lab. I guess the realization that we may not speak again was apparent. So, I’ll retool my site from the school requirements to more of a true portfolio site then start applying for work. I feel I have gained a ton of useful skills. I don’t think you can ever know everything there is for web development. There is simply too much and it is always evolving but I feel much better about my prospects than I did about a year ago. Time will tell I guess…

Bdot and I joined the Caledon Cycling Club. Yep. Yesterday we attended our first club activity which was a BBQ at Albion Hills. They seem like a fun bunch. We met a few couples that we will hopefully meet again. The official ride was cancelled due to weather, which is a reoccurring theme for April and May for sure… So much rain.

It was cool yesterday but the bright Sun still beckoned us to get outside. And we did. We biked 25km on the railtrail. For the first ride of the season, it was pretty enjoyable. Yeah, yeah, the railtrail is flat and from some points of view dull, but I like starting things off slowly. It has been a while since we last rode. Legs are feeling it a bit today.

Bdot enjoyed a ‘girls weekend’ away at the cottage with her sister. I played ball hockey Friday night. Everything clicked and we got a rare win. I think we have 3-4 more games left in the season. I think it would eventually just be too hot to play ball hockey indoors anyway…

Ha. I was 1 for 8 in my NHL Playoff bracket. What a season.

My Mom is on a cruise in Europe, it sounds like she having a great time.

Ride on – May 6/2019

Clearing dead plants from the gardens.

Clearing dead plants from the gardens.And, just like that, it is sunny and around 20C outside. We worked on the yard most of Sunday. I actually have a sunburn… (good grief) THE FIRST DAY OUTSIDE IN THE SUN. *eyeroll* We cleared leaves and dead plants from the many garden beds. Cut the yarn for the first time this year and wore shorts for the first time this year… it certainly felt like a seasonal shift had occurred. We also drained the hot tub. Busy day for sure. We finally put up bike holders in the garage. So that is a first step to sorting out that gong show. We moved the snow blower to the shed but first, we wanted to burn off the gas… well… we thought it might run for 10-15m… it seemed more like 30-40m… it was ridiculous – it is pretty loud. *eyeroll*


I guess I can\’t complain… The B Train was out every day or three days… Friday was business then hockey in the evening. (Another “White Team” slaughter… Bdot did get her glorious first goal, however, so that was pretty awesome. She had a mountain bike class and her normal fitness routine. Frankly, I don\’t know how she is standing. *And* weather permitting, we have our first Mountain Biking outing with the Caledon Cycling Club.

We watched Annihilation this weekend. It wasn\’t was I was expecting. It was very trippy, thought provoking sci-fi. Entertaining and thrilling but equally confusing and ponderous. It did take some risks in its unusual nature so I’ll spin it at 3.5/5.