Glen Haffy Game Changer

One of the many wildflowers along the Bruce Trail
One of the many wildflowers along the Bruce Trail

Another weekend, another hike. This time bdot found an incredible route through Glen Haffy *all* on the Bruce Trail. (Detail available here!) While we have always loved the area and Glen Haffy; getting to the trails always meant a long walk on roads to get to them… So this new access point, for us, was a game changer for enjoying hikes in the wonderful park. We’ll certainly return in the Fall and likely try to find a way to incorporate the other trails to do a loop, instead of a there and back hike. It was beautiful. Towering trees, meandering little streams, pine forests… and quite a few hills. It was a great walk.

We also enjoyed some time in the backyard and a few hottub dips. It was quiet weekend otherwise.

The TCF machine continues to roll along. They simply crushed the Earthquake on Saturday. They have *already* clinched a playoff spot!

We also watched Mad Max: Fury Road. I thought it was pretty awesome, bdot less so. The creepy characters in the post-apocalyptic world were curious and disturbing. Charlize and the man of few words, Tom Hardy, were solid in their lead rolls. I thought it was solid sci-fi.