Tennis Elbow
Tennis Elbow

Yes my elbow still hurts. It is nearly impossible to not use your arm. It is silly things that aggravate it. Carrying laundry, getting a frying pan out of a cupboard… So this issue has dragged on for months. I had another physio appointment today and they really worked on the arm… it is still sore as I type this. As she said, I guess I aggravated it. You’re welcome. *smirk* I’ve finally advanced past the treat the inflammation stage. Today I was given some strengthening exercises. It looks like it is based on resistance. Hopefully this kicks the healing process into high gear… having to always worry about it is really getting tiresome.

My sister is starting a new position today. Her first after returning to school. I sure hope it works out well for her.

Nice to see the Habs up on Boston.

Bdot has a bunch of friends staying over Friday night, then she is away Saturday. So I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend… Hmm…