Dogs are okay

My dog is 7.
My dog is 7.

Yesterday Tanga turned seven. She didn’t seem aware of this. She acted like it was just another day. Perhaps that is good advice. So I’ve been a dog owner for seven years. Eight years ago if you asked me if I even liked dogs I would have said no. I still don’t I suppose. I tolerate other people’s dogs. I like mine and a select few, that’s pretty much it. I’ve lived with a cat nearly all my life. Dogs are a much different companion. While I believe I have (and who doesn’t) exceptional cats; dogs, especially Vizslas, offer a level of interaction cats do not. Dogs always greet you with overflowing enthusiasm on Monday, Friday and every day in between. They act like 5 year old boys after two bags of Skittles. Go go go. Owning a dog offers some self-motivation to get off my ass and get outside. Which is begrudingly awesome. I wonder what my weight would be if I didn’t own a dog. Hmm. Yeah. Happy Birthday Tanga, you are alright.

A few posts ago I mentioned my toe’s run in with a door at the spa. Well good times. The toenail fell off this morning. Bleck. I’m hoping the toe learned something from this experience and does not attempt future run ins with doors. Le sigh. Oh, and no you freaks, no photos.

I’m feeling pretty tired. I’m glad it is a short week (really two short weeks in a row!). I’m hoping to get some down time. I’ve been using my 360 a bit more recently. It is curious how much streaming content is available on it: movies, series, sports, trailers etc. it is pretty crazy.

The Sabres playoff fate will be determined tonight or Saturday. I think there are pretty slim odds for the Sabres to make it. They need Washington to drop at least one or more points. Go Sabres!