Rocked by the Rockettes

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular which B. and I saw this evening. Sure there would be the rockettes and dancing with a Christmas theme but I wasn’t sure what else the show would hold. Apparently not much. Overall it was fairly disappointing. The show seemed to be strung together with dance numbers without the rockettes and dance numbers with them. Sadly the dance number without the rockettes paled in comparison to the strong choreography and energy of the dance numbers with them. The show was narrated mostly by ‘Santa’ whom I didn’t care for at all. Maybe it was his voice or corny Santa Rock opening number… but every time Santa came on stage I cringed. The Rockettes are clearly what the show is about. It is odd how little stage time they actually get. The final scene (for me) brought everything to grinding halt. The show was upbeat, colourful, fun then the show goes religious during the last scene. Bah. Yeah, yeah Christmas/ Jesus – I got that… but NOT in the same show with dancing girls/ dwarves and more neon outfits than an 80s hair band. It didn’t fit at all for me and was a downer to end the show on. The final scene did use live animals… the best part was the sheep who also didn’t care to watch as they shook and peed on the stage. *smirk* I would have been happy watching Rockettes dance all night. The solider scene was great. Those were some seriously talented beautiful women. Ahem. I also loved paying five bucks for a take out container of popcorn. Gawd. I did like the Hummingbird Theatre. It had nice sight lines and the seats were more comfortable that other theaters in Toronto that I have been to. The show was decent but really didn’t flow for me. More rockettes please.