Out with the Red…


There are a lot of outcomes from tonight’s vote for Ontario Premier that I think are unsavory for the province. The Liberals (Reds) have had power for over a decade and have already conceded that they won’t get back in for another term. So it is Orange vs. Blue. Both parties I find extreme for various reasons. So I care less which party gets in – but that that have limited power – to muck up the province. Give me a minority government, any colour. That said, have Ford as Premier would be embarrassing like Tr*mp is for the U.S. but not that vitriolic divisive extreme because it really isn’t humanly possible.

Caps can win the Cup tonight. Hoping for Ovi!


#MakeOntarioGreatAgain - Here comes the F*rd Circus
#MakeOntarioGreatAgain – Here comes the F*rd Circus

Barf. Well, the archaic undemocratic first-past-the-post system strikes again. With only 40% of the popular vote, the Tories get a MAJORITY government. As has been political tradition forever in Ontario, the winning Premier speaks AFTER the outgoing Premier’s concession speech. Oh no… F*rd started his speech as Wynne was speaking. First act as Premier and already proving he is clueless and disrespectful. We better get used to it. There will be four years of asshattery, lies and stonewalling. Say what you will about Wynne, but she led the province to a lot of prosperity. She stepped down as Liberal leader today. Sure, it was time, but she does deserve some respect.

Oh and this happened. 🙂

Congrats to Ovi. Caps first Cup!
Congrats to Ovi. Caps first Cup!

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