Check up from the neck up.

Hey Everybody!
Hey Everybody!

I had a physical yesterday. I’ve lost 12 pounds since my last visit and my blood pressure was the best it has ever been recorded at the doctor’s office. I got needles, they took blood, tested my prostate (ugh. that is awful!), I pissed in a cup, scheduled future procedures… It felt pretty comprehensive. Thanks Canada!

I joined bdot’s BiL and a few other guys over the weekend at the BiL’s cottage. It was a good time. Unfortunately, something I ingested disagreed with me the first night with painful results. I was sick multiple times and felt horrible all night. I drank a bit, but I don’t think enough to do that. Maybe the combination of things? I don’t know, but that hasn’t happened in decades. Sigh. So, that ruined the next day as I was green most of the day. In the evening we played Risk one night and Texas Hold-em the other… was pretty fun, haven’t played poker in ages. We also watched a few awful movies, too painful to name.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Snap! Crackle! Pop!

The cottage sits on a bay and the water is frozen. Sunday morning was bright, sunny and *relatively* warm… This is the first time I’ve been to the cottage in this season. It was really interesting. I guess the water below the surface is expanding and contracting… so the ice is cracking and popping, it, at times, sounded like it was exploding. Standing on the dock, you could feel the ripple of energy that was released. I would have liked to stay longer, as it was pretty fascinating but I equally wanted to get home and visit nIVEK.

So Bdot and I visited nIVEK yesterday. He looked the best he has since the medical emergency. His mobility and balance were really good. He walking independently quite well now and has only a little bit of a limp. I’m sure he’ll gain full mobility back in time. His speech is moving along slowly. I do notice improvement, however. We could make out a few sentences and words, and the range of sounds is much greater than before. I hope he continues to improve, it was great to see the progress since the last visit.


Beware of my spells...
Beware of my spells…

Ha. Pretty happy with this recent Grammarly achievement. :> Tolkien!

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