A Weekend in Muskoka

The new cottage
The new cottage

We have been going to my sister-in-law’s cottage for many years. It was a very modest little cabin. If everyone was *up* it was pretty cramped. Last year they tore down the cottage and decided to build a new one. This weekend we were invited up to see it. WOW. It is a night and day difference for sure! They went from a fairly primitive cabin to a beautiful modern house. No more composting toilet, no more showing outside… the ‘new’ cottage is a stunning modern house. It has multiple washrooms, fireplace, massive and fully functional kitchen and TONS of space. The exterior deck hasn’t gone up yet but it will be started soon. When done, the cottage will certainly be a great location to host memories for many years!

I’ve been curious what the Harry Potter books were like so I started reading the series a few weeks ago. I finished the first book – Philosopher’s Stone last night. I quite enjoy them. They are well written, interesting fantasy. I’m not surprised it turned into such a cultural icon.

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