Happy Birthday Chromebook

My new Lenovo N21 Chromebook
My new Lenovo N21 Chromebook

Inspired by KK and the practicality of a Chromebook over a new battery for my two ton Dell laptop… I’ve been looking at Chromebooks for a while. There are a ton of them. Nearly every major hardware manufacturer has a Chromebook option. Dell, Acer, ASUS, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Google, etc. … My first thought was to look at an ASUS since I’ve liked their reliability in the past… but they were a little pricey. This was a bit of whim so I didn’t want to spend much at all. And I didn’t – just over $200 for my Lenovo N21. My expectation were realistic with what I could do with. It is a browser OS… nothing more. But wow… nearly everything I do online I can do with my Chromebook. Watch Netflix, Skype (yes! web.skype.com!), watch live streams, update my blog (yes! I’m using my Chromebook right now and resized an image online! I don’t think I’ve updated my blog on anything other than my PC ever) – not to mention all the social media. I’m quite impressed. This model has HDMI out so I have it connected to my main receiver and with Plex I’m enjoying my entire music collection off my Plex Server. Joy! So far it is proving to be the best $200 I’ve ever spent!
Closer look at the screen. (Sorry. Crappy app doesn't allow for incremental rotation)
Closer look at the screen. (Sorry. Crappy app doesn’t allow for incremental rotation)

Yesterday was bdot’s birthday. It was a pretty awesome day! We hit a bunch of shops in Orangeville where bdot scored some lovely earrings. We fell in love with another local artist, John Adams. Then it was off to Alton for a stop at The Mill. We ran into our favourite potter and bdot came away with some beautifil mugs. Then it was Ray’s for a rare but incredible dinner. Bdot enjoyed sriracha shrimp and I adored my Garlic/Bacon Beef Tenderloin. OMG was it good! Best meal in ages! With dinner I tried a Blacksmith Smoked Porter from Highlander Brewery which was a perfect compliment. What a tasty beer. Capped the evening off with a soak in the hottub. Thanks for the lovely day bdot!

Nice win for the Jay’s today. 3 homeruns by the MVP!

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