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So… Windows 10

Taking the leap to 10

Taking the leap to 10

I’ve been looking forward to Windows 10 for a while. Since Microsoft is offering the upgrade for free… I thought why not. I even waiting until midnight last night to see if it would upgrade. It was a curious time. My gaming PC refused to upgrade. I had to force the upgrade today. My laptop however did upgrade… well eventually. The first attempt to upgrade failed during the install. I rebooted and tried it again. It installed! So eventually I got Windows 10 running on my systems.
So? How is it?
The good:
-I like the UI and the live tiles built into Start
-Cortana – when it works – is really cool!
-IE is dead. Thank god. Machine Edge seems better but, really I use Chrome so… *shrug*
-Notification – about time

The bad:
-Cortana integration is rather disappointing. I’ve linked my music collection to the new app Groove but Cortana can’t access the music
-Sound issues on all three computer I’ve installed Windows 10 on. Clearly the B team did the coding here
-Networking. Seriously. Still? Windows 10 Computers can see each other but can’t access for each other for file transfer. Troubleshooting ran and found no issues. *eyeroll*

I’ll update these as I use Windows 10 more…

Updated: July 29, 2015 — 10:51 pm

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