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Wednesday Whatevers

March 23, 2005

1. Are emotions controllable and why?
Isn’t the point of emotions to *not* control them. You might be able to control the physical response to an emotion, but the emotion is still there. Stifled or not…

2. What do you want named after you when you are dead?
Something useful… A park, a bridge, a road, a nation.

3. What is the most important standard you live by (political, social,
religious, etc)?

Without question I try to live by my own personal standard. My personal standard is influenced by *basic* Christian beliefs (do unto others…, don’t be an asshat) and a strong sense of fairness. Most issues I however think on an individual rights basis. I think an individual should always be able to decide their actions. Not government, religion or culture.

Update: Link is dead.

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